ZIG Fabricolor 8 Color Set


 ZIG Fabricolor  8 Color Set
Product Name ZIG Fabricolor 8 Color Set
Company number PFC208V
Barcode 4901427959567
Brands Japan Kuretake
Colour 8 color
Each price HKD $ 180.00
package 8 support
ZIGPFC208V fabric brush pens400x400
1. Fabricolor Fabric Brush Set 2. Suitable for drawing and marking 3 2 mm fine tip 4 on fabric. Ideal for drawing details, sketching and writing the letter 5. After ironing, draw the mark, the mark is permanent 6 This set has 8 color brushes (red, yellow, white and blue, black, green, brown and orange) 7. This series has 14 color selection 8. Meets ASTM D4236 standard

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